Case Study 1 : Magical Makeup

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A brand experienced a remarkable 219% boost in conversions and a 95% rise in online store sessions through Social Media Marketing efforts.

Life is about discovering joy in the little things. Our cosmetic products bring a radiant glow, instilling confidence and empowerment in women. We offer handcrafted pigments, glitters, palettes, and more, catering to various finishes. Additionally, we provide soothing aromatic candles and healing crystals. Despite initial marketing challenges, our brand thrived with the support of social media experts, reaching a broader audience and experiencing substantial online growth.

How were those numbers achieved?

  • Initiated fresh campaigns targeting cold audiences.
  • Custom audience remarketing campaigns were established.
  • Following the remarketing efforts, new campaigns were launched.
  • The ads were optimized and updated weekly.
  • Audiences were shuffled to refine the target audience.
  • Catalog sales campaigns were designed for both cold and custom audiences.

Compelling statistics grab attention.

  • Social Media marketing
  • Creating and managing campaigns.
  • Creating custom and lookalike audiences.
  • Optimizing social profiles.
  • Setting up retargeting campaigns.

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