Case Study 2:  ArmourME

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ArmourME achieved a significant ROAS of 5.06X and witnessed a remarkable 120% increase in sales through Social Media Marketing.

Glass is a vital material in modern life, but it’s also delicate and susceptible to damage from collisions and extreme force. At ArmourME, we understand the importance of protecting glass throughout its lifecycle, from production to refurbishment and facade work. Our customized solutions and cleaning products, including glass protection, ceramic coating, stain remover, and rust remover, offer optimal protection and ensure the longevity of glass quality. With our products, you can reduce equipment usage, enhance glass quality, and keep it secure for years to come.

Initially, the brand faced challenges in showcasing their products on social media platforms. After partnering with our social media marketing services, they witnessed significant improvement in their metrics across various social networks.

How were those numbers achieved?

  • Conducted a thorough website analysis from a Social Media Marketing standpoint.
  • Developed conversion-focused campaigns based on in-depth audience research.
  • Conducted an assessment of various product lines and their respective target audiences.
  • Performed trials for creatives associated with each campaign.
  • Consistently optimized campaigns to measure and enhance performance.
  • Leveraging pixelated data proved beneficial for retargeting efforts.
  • Implemented retargeting campaigns that delivered successful outcomes.

Journey from ideation to execution : 

  • Analyzing the sales funnel.
  • Conducting audience research and setting up the account.
  • Managing and optimizing campaigns.
  • Setting up the Facebook pixel.
  • Promoting the social media campaigns.

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